The Equal Opportunity Tribunal is a superior court of record established pursuant to the Equal Opportunity Act, 2000 as amended by Act No. 5 of 2001.  Apart from the jurisdiction and powers conferred on it by the Act; it also has all powers inherent in such a court.


 The work of the Tribunal is to resolve matters referred to it by the Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) pursuant to section 39 (2) of the Act.  In the resolution of matters the Tribunal is empowered to administer a wide range of remedies including the making of orders, declarations and awards of compensation as it thinks fit.


 In its adjudicative function it is the mission of the Tribunal to engage in this function in a fair just reasonable manner; taking in to account the law, evidence, rules of practice and procedure and all relevant circumstances that may impact on the matters before it.


 In addition, the Tribunal aims ‘to provide an accountable Court System in which timeliness and efficiency are the hall marks, while still protecting integrity, equality and accessibility, and attracting trust and confidence.


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